After several months of digital meet-ups, webinars, and other substitutes for networking virtual events, we are delighted to announce that ECOTEN urban comfort will be participating in the URBIS Smart City Fair at the Brno Exhibition Center on 2-3 september 2020. The goal of this event is to introduce cities, municipalities, and active citizens to the concept of smart cities by showcasing existing solutions, bringing information through conferences and workshops.

A wide range of attendees

This year’s edition will count no less than 100 firms: leaders in innovation, suppliers of solutions, Start-ups. We are truly excited to be part of this solutions-driven event and are looking forward to sharing our work with potential partners or collaboration opportunities.

The Smart City fair is also welcoming many active citizens, academic communities, and students. Sharing ideas and projects with citizens, the ultimate beneficiary of our solutions, and researchers is very inspiring because it allows us to better understand their needs and aspirations. As we’re growing, we are eager to get feedback and opinions from every city’s users to enrich our range of services.

More than 300 public actors from regions, towns, municipalities, micro-regions and even European groupings will also be attending this event. We are determined to meet them, to understand their challenges and help them mitigate extreme heat challenges with our solutions, if the opportunity arises.

The diversity of attendees makes this fair very special to us since we will be able to showcase the positive impact of our solutions on people’s quality of life. We will also be able to approach city stakeholders to explain to them how our tools can help to define heat mitigation strategies to anticipate the rise of temperatures in the upcoming years in urban areas.