We simulate different urban nature based solutions. We evaluate their impact and determine the most efficient strategies to implement in order to create resilience.

Urban Environment Assesment

Thermal Comfort
  • Assess air temperature
  • Identify heat islands
  • Assess heat stress (UTCI)
  • Improve outdoor comfort
Wind Safety
  • Evaluate natural ventilation
  • Building shapes influence
  • Strong wind detection
  • Minimize strong wind speed
Buildings Energy Production
  • Energy production of solar panels
  • Energy production of wind turbine
  • Optimize location
  • Maximize energy production
Buildings Energy Consumption
  • Determine building cooling demand
  • Assess urban environment influence
  • Improve building gaps and strengths
  • Optimize energy consumption
Solar Exposition
  • Assess solar exposure over a full year
  • Study specific days such as solstices
  • Evaluate natural sunlight

We design energy efficient buildings by considering the interactions of the climate with the built environment to ensure the sustainability of growing cities. 

Mitigate Climate Change impact in our cities by adapting the built environment to optimize buildings energy consumption and maximize their energy production. 

Preserve the comfort and safety of the inhabitants by adapting warm cities, strengthening their sustainability and developing their attractiveness. 

The only limit is boundaries of imagination

We can produce simulations in accordance with the most sophisticated structures.

Our simulation engine

  1. Getting Started

    We conduct our assessments using the latest’s simulation technology: SOLENE-microclimat.

  2. High Quality Development

    This calculation engine was developed in France by CRENAU laboratory. It can numerically evaluate the urban microclimate prevailing in a 3D modeled neighborhood.

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