When Resilience Embraces Nature

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ECOTEN urban comfort is collaborating with CVUT to ...



the impact of nature-based urban design infrastructure in Prague


 technologies to support their development in the city as part of City Lab Prague


NBSINFRA aims to enhance the resilience of local urban critical infrastructures against both natural and human-made threats

how ?

By collaborating on the development of Nature-based solutions (NBS) that contribute to societal resilience in the face of climate change.

The project’s goal is to demonstrate that NBS are not only technically feasible for protecting critical infrastructures but are also socially acceptable and cost-effective at the local level.

Moreover, NBS are intended to significantly empower communities by increasing their ecological, social, and economic resilience.

how will this be achieved ?

NBSINFRA plans to establish five representative European regions, each with an equal number of “City Labs.” These labs will assess the cost-effectiveness of NBS in safeguarding local infrastructure and aim to maximize impact through solutions owned and co-created by citizens, end-users, managers, and civil society. NBSINFRA intends to provide a practical toolkit for various stakeholders and society as a whole, enabling them to compare and select the most effective NBS for protecting local critical infrastructures. The overarching goal is to support the enhancement of local urban critical infrastructure protection against threats through collaborative efforts in NBS design, monitoring, and creation, thereby fostering a sustainable and resilient society.