Who are we? 

We are urban environmental consultants. 

Mission: Through a technical data-driven approach, we strive to improve people’s quality of life by 
designing greener, cooler, healthier cities.

Vision: We are convinced that the future of our planet will depend on the ability of our cities to adapt, 

and we must use everyone’s potential to build those resilient cities.

Where are we?

ECOTEN urban comfort s.r.o. is incorporated in Prague, Czech Republic.
We also operate in the United States through FONTIS Technologies LLC, Las Vegas, our exclusive licensor in North America.

Our story

Our founders

Ing. Jiří Tencar (PhD)
CEO & Founder

Ing. Jiří Tencar (PhD)

Founded ECOTEN Urban Comfort to answer the global call for climate change mitigation solutions. PhD in Sustainable Development and Industrial Heritage from the Czech Technical University. Visiting Research Scholar in the University of Cambridge, UK. Guarantor for buildings and energetics in the Smart City Pisek Coordinator Office. Founder and CEO of ECOTEN (Smart Energy Solutions) s.r.o., company for  green building consultation and evaluations SBToolCZ, energy auditing, certification of energy efficiency of buildings. Research associate at Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic. Passionate about green building end architecture, energy efficiency and optimisation for buildings, engineering design for smart buildings, resilience strategies and adaptation towards climate change by means of smart cities. 

Sagnik Bhattachajree

Co-founded ECOTEN Urban Comfort after graduating with a Masters in Urban Environment. Passionate about urban resilience to climate change impacts, environmental impact in urban ecosystem, Nature-Based solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change in cities. Conceptualised the measurement of Urban Heat Vulnerability Index and Maps for various cities across the world.  Responsible for the integration of new methods, frameworks and technologies to optimise the assessment of climate change vulnerability for cities. Responsible of the development of Urban Microclimate Simulations using the simulation suite: SOLENE-microclimat. Manages projects based on urban vulnerability and urban simulations to climate change impacts for cities.

Clément Imbert

Co-founded ECOTEN Urban Comfort after graduating with a Master of Science in Building Engineering- Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency : Management and Integration (GI3ER) – Université de La Rochelle. Worked in ECOTEN Urban Comfort on the development of urban microclimate simulations with simulation suite: SOLENE-microclima for over 4 years. Passionate for program development and coding. Currently works as a python backend developer in Maxos in Paris France.

Sagnik Bhattacharjee
Co-founder & CTO

Our team 

Manon Corneille
Business Developer


Manon Corneille

Masters in Business Management and Information System Management from Bordeaux, France. Driven by the urge for climate action, Manon is in charge of making ECOTEN’s expertise available to all city’s actors.


Yuk Ming Chui
Microclimate simulation specialist


Yuk Ming Chui

Masters in Technology and Environmental Engineering at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. Passionate about improving quality of life by solving environmental issues such as pollution and climate change. Yuk is working in the simulation team of urban microclimate.

Marek Procházka
Microclimate Simulation Specialist


Marek Procházka

Masters in Geography from University of Ústí nad Labem, Czechia. Enthusiastic about technical solutions for better environment and sustainability. Working with any kind of spatial information is Marek’s great interest.

Our partners