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Who are we

We are an environmental engineering consultancy company located in Prague. ECOTEN was founded in 2012 and started as a startup of two people which grew since then. Today, our company counts with more than 20 qualified thermal, civil and urban engineers working to achieve the same vision. 

Our mission is to help clients and guide them in order to achieve a greater commitment towards sustainable development while improving the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the globe.

What we do

We help our clients make effective decisions and to guide them in the development of comfortable and energy effective cities. All of this through the use of our innovative services and tools.

Liveable cities
Resilient cities

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Why work with us?


Our precise and technical experience will provide you a complete set of actions to be implemented for strategic urban planning and the management of its issues.


We always provide our clients expertise to guide them towards sustainable development and the creation of bearable cities.


Thanks to our flexible organization we can provide fast reactions and a direct involvement, getting you the personal care and attention your projects need.

Jiří Tencar
Founder, CEO
+420 736 630 021

He is the founder of the company and an associate researcher in the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings under the CTU.                                               

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He has a Ph.D in Sustainable Development and Industrial Heritage from Czech Technical University (CTU). He was also a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge.

Sagnik Bhattacharjee
+420 776 772 802

He is the creator and developer of ECOTEN’s urban mapping and GIS-based services. He also conducts urban environmental studies and contributes to the urban simulation services.

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He graduated with a Master of Science in Building Engineering & Energy Efficiency from La Rochelle University. He also studied at CTU Prague.

Clément Imbert
Head of Urban Simulation Services
+33 6 30 84 58 78

He introduced urban climate assessments to ECOTEN. He develops engineering tools that contribute to the simulation engine SOLENE-microclimate improvement.

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He holds a MSc in City and Urban Environment from École Centrale de Nantes and a B.Eng in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology.

Ekaterina Gerasimova
Urban Mapping Services
+7 921 967 38 68

She works along with Sagnik to provide high quality results for clients. She is an essential part in the development of urban mapping and GIS-based services.

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She is specializing in construction of unique structures and has previous professional experience in the construction industry.

Maria Verduga
Business Developer
+33 7 83 48 14 96

She combines her passion for sustainability and her business experience to help the company with administrative and marketing activities.

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She is pursuing a double degree with a MSc. in Sustainable Management and Eco-innovation & a Bachelor in Marketing & Communications.

One of the best urban planning firms in the country. Truly marvelous creations.

Nils Larsson
Our Process

We work to attend the needs of city municipalities, urban planners and other urban stakeholders through our services. Using our mapping and simulating skills we identify the best strategies to increase a city’s resilience.

They trust us

Our objective is to create better value for our clients through our engineering skills and by presenting a better living and built environment.

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