Public Transport Stops
Heat Vulnerability Assessment of Prague, Czechia


Prague has an extensive network of public transport stops where people spend a considerable amount of time waiting for buses, tram and metros. The City of Prague wants to implement adaptation strategies against extreme heat in the areas near these public transport hubs. This initiative aims to improve the overall quality of urban life of the citizens of Prague as well as tourists by improving their public transport experience.

In collaboration with the Prague Institute of Planning and Development, we provided the City of Prague with mapping based assessment to identify the public transport stops in the city that are most vulnerable to extreme heat events.

Our methodology


We study the urban needs.


We define relevant indices to take into consideration for heat assessment.


Measured by studying and quantifying the occurence of high temperatures within the city between 2015 and 2019


Measured by taking into account the average waiting time for each public transport stop for this project. 

Adaptive Capacity

Measured by identifying greeneries and water-bodies. It represents the ability of the ecosystem to cope with heat events


Based on our algorithm, we map the sub-indices and combine them to create the Urban Heat Vulnerability Map to identify which public transport stops are the most vulnerable to extreme heat.


We recommend environmental solutions adapted to the city morphology to cool down critical hotspots.


Implementation of vegetation (trees, grass, green roofs and walls) creating protective shadows and evapotranspiration. 


Implementation of water bodies within urban areas, acting like a heat captor to cool the city and improve the quality of life.

Brighten up

Implementation of different materials, colors, as well as shapes of structures and buildings to uptake heat from solar radiations.

Results and actions

Download the full report for free

Learn how we collaborated with the City of Prague to fight against the impacts of extreme heat in areas dedicated to public transport.

In this report, you will find:

  • A detail presentation of our methodology
  • The full range of maps used for the Urban Heat Vulnerability Assessment of Prague
  • The ranking of the most vulnerable Bus and Tramway Stops
  • Our guidance and the strategy adopted by the City of Prague