Heat Vulnerability Assessment of Limerick, Ireland


The City of Limerick intended to implement adaptation strategies against extreme heat to improve the overall quality of urban life of the citizens. We provided the City of Limerick with mapping based assessment to identify the most vulnerable areas in the city. The map has been released to the public through the website of the city (you can access it by clicking on the map below). 

Our methodology


We study the urban needs.


We define relevant indices to consider for heat assessment of the city.


Measured by studying and quantifying the occurence of high temperatures within the city between 2015 and 2019


Measured by studying the population density over the city for this project


Adaptive Capacity

Measured by identifying greeneries and water-bodies. It represents the ability of the ecosystem to cope with heat events


Based on our algorithm, we map the sub-indices and combine them to create the Urban Heat Vulnerability Map to identify which areas are most vulnerable to extreme heat.