Building climate-proof cities

We make sense of data to facilitate the adaptation of cities towards climate change.

Recommended by the European Commission’s JRC

EU HANDBOOK for SDG Voluntary Local Reviews

„ECOTEN’s Vulnerability Map can be used to highlight areas where people are most vulnerable to heat, and it can inform government’s plans to protect people’s health more effectively.“

Efficient Solution Label 

„A map that highlights the vulnerability of urban areas to extreme heat to help cities find the optimal location for heat mitigation strategies“

Our expertise in city cooling

At ECOTEN, we have made it our mission to create technologies that empower decision-makers to meet sustainability goals and mitigate environmental issues throught better thought-out urban projects.

Every project is different, but we’re committed to bring the same human-based approach in each of them by always keeping the focus on the quality of life of the final beneficiary: the citizens.

Tailored services for forward-looking cities  

We are convinced that the future of our planet depends on building sustainable cities, and we are determined to use our potential to empower urban developers to build more resilient cities.

Urban Heat Resilience

Identifying critical hotspots allows decision-makers to implement more efficiently heat mitigation strategies to protect the citizens and provide a nicer urban environment.

Urban Microclimate Simulations

Assessing the microclimate impacts of potential urban projects helps the city determine the most efficient strategies to adopt in order to create resilience.

Is your city resilient?

Today, most of the large metropolitan cities in the world are facing numerous climate change-related issues.
In order to avoid undesirable consequences, we are here to help cities taking action as early as possible.



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