Solutions for sustainable cities

We adapt cities to Climate change thanks to our geospatial planning and 3D modeling services.


The future is in our hands

Strive for greatness. Change the future with our services.

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Natural  based solutions

We propose the blue green and white solutions that best fit your city.

Urban comfort

We concentrate on outdoor comfort and the problem of urban heat islands.

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Personalized services

Our activities range from the building scale to the city scale according to your needs.

Is your city resilient?

Test how resilient your city is thanks to our innovative services.

Vulnerability mapping


Urban simulations


Urban livability


Overheated cities cause several issues

The Urban Heat Island effect is a big problem in today’s cities. Overheated cities cause several problems to residents.

Ecoten is the solution

We can help you optimize your urban development projects in order to mitigate Urban Heat Islands. We make neighborhoods more sustainable and safe for its residents!

  • Cooler cities
  • Liveable cities
  • Professional team
  • Personalized solutions
  • Expertise guaranteed
  • 100% satisfaction
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Changing the life of citizens.

Increasing cities‘ resilience and protecting residents.

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