Solutions For Resilient Cities

We facilitate the adaptation of cities towards climate change.


ECOTEN’s Vulnerability Map can be used to highlight areas where people are most vulnerable to heat, and it can inform governement’s plans to protect people’s health more effectively.

EU HANDBOOK for SDG Voluntary Local Reviews

A new vision for cities of the future

We are convinced that the future of our planet depends on building sustainable cities and we are determined to use our potential to empower urban developers to build more resilient cities.


Environmental solutions

We propose solutions that enable decision makers meet sustainable development goals.

Urban comfort

We concentrate on urban comfort and tackling the challenges that are caused by climate change

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Customized services

We deliver customized services, since every city is somehow exposed to heat vulnerability differently.

Our experience

Climate change is causing cities to face undetermined challenges which is mostly related to a drastic increase of temperature in the coming years. At ECOTEN we have made it our mission to create technologies that help urban projects meet sustainability goals and to mitigate environmental issues. So far our technique has enabled urban decision makers to take strategies that resulted in higher citizen’s urban comfort and awareness.

Is your city resilient?

Today cities face various challenges

Most of large metropolitan cities areas in the world are affected by: 

› A raise in Annual Average Temperatures 

› Urban Heat Islands

› Pollution