ECOTEN Urban Comfort journey started as a little start up driven by the will to act for our planet and help create a more sustainable society. The impacts of Climate Change and the exponential pace of the challenges induced by it are creating a space for ideas, solutions and people to flourish, leading to a new “green” revolution.
ECOTEN’s specificity relies in the management of the urban environment, facing a lot of issues with an increasing urbanization, which has a pro cyclical effect on the growing concerns of Global Warming. Its idea is simple but efficient, developing high technological tools to help creating bearable and resilient cities, to protect the inhabitants and the society on which they rely.

This drive from the people working at ECOTEN lead them to work hand in hand with CRENAU laboratory on several workshops, to develop decision making tools aiming to help cities assess efficiently their urban issues. Developing a map capable of identifying precisely the most vulnerable parts of the city, which they bring resilience to by analyzing the microclimate conditions of these areas and managing different urban scenarios thanks to simulations of the built environment.

These unique technological tools got the attention of the scientific community after the publication of a paper exposing their findings and developing the way technology will be one the main drivers of the construction of a renewed society. Enhanced by it, representatives of this community invited ECOTEN Urban Comfort to the renowned university TU Delft, to get the chance to present their work at the occasion of the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD), held from 4th to 7th of June 2018.

The Why Factory, newly established research institute lead by MVRDV and TU Delft has been the theater of this 4 days gathering of these engineering and architectural minds. This thrilling scientific environment received well the presentation of ECOTEN’s tools in this contemporary venue of TU Delft, famous for its unique architecture and its massive orange tribune.
The chance was given to ECOTEN, which seized it and was able to encounter inspiring people, solutions and ideas, all aiming to the same major challenge: bring resilience to our cities, hearts of our societies.

From workshops to TU Delft… ECOTEN Urban Comfort is more than ever part of this new revolution, imposing itself as one of the main actors regarding the management of the urban environment.