ECOTEN Urban Comfort is proud to say that it has been acknowledged to be among the best innovations participating in the Katerva awards 2018 for the category “Smart Cities”. This category covers the creation of energy efficient and sustainable remakes of the current systems in place to house and support people.
These Awards “are the pinnacle of global sustainability recognition. Through them, the best ideas on the planet are identified, refined and accelerated toward impact at a global level”. It recompenses promising projects ahead of current thinking with triple digit change and beyond…
In other words, Katerva is seeking the most impactful projects worldwide!

This year has seen a tremendous thrive of solutions aiming to develop our cities and adapt them to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. It was a hard task for the jury of experts to choose from the thousands of innovative projects which took part in this 2018 competition. Involving more than 600 professionals, 4 filtering phases and 2 stages of focused review, to determine which project is the best…

Among them, ECOTEN Urban Comfort, still at an early stage of its development, managed to play the game admirably well and has been selected among the Top 100 Smart Cities finalists for this year competition. It was an enriching journey and experience alongside these renowned experts, partners and projects with game-breakers solutions.
Congratulations to the winners of this 2018 competition, with a special greeting to WASTE4THINK the winner of the Smart Cities category!