Wind Safety and Comfort Assessment for a neighbourhood in Zagreb, Croatia

Project objectives and characteristics 

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the true capabilities of our simulation based services based on specific case studies. We used the wind module of our urban Microclimate Simulations technology to assess the wind distribution for  citizens safety and comfort purposes, regarding a new building project in a neighbourhood of Zagreb, Croatia. 

  • Type of Urban Area – Mixt 
  • Period of Construction – Mixt 
  • Total Surface Area – 112 769 m²
  • Part Built-Up Area – 39%
  • Climate – Humid Continental
  • Prevailing wind – South-West 

Wind Analysis 

Max speed and frequency for each direction

We ran CFD Simulations (wind distribution) on the 3D modeled neighbourhood throughout the year, based on wind data of the region. From this, we made a wind comfort and safety assessment on the neighbourhood, verified wind speeds and wind loads along the surface of the project building and determined the comfortable locations with low wind for public transport stops.

  • The wind comfort and safety assessment shows that the project building should not generated discomfort and safety risk on most of the geometry.

  • The wind speeds and wind loads on the building walls and the risk of detachment of elements constituting the facade of the building were evaluated and showed no risk for the pedestrians.

  • Several locations were identified with relatively lower wind fluxes which have the potential for setting public transit stations where pedestrians can be comfortable to wait for their public transit.